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I hope that you enjoy these families as much as I did.
Jameela's baby is due in just a few weeks

Jameela is going to have her baby in a few weeks.  We planned to take the maternity pictures on the beach but the rain poured and the sky turned black. 

I hope we will get to the beach before the baby comes.

Payton is with her big brother.  He is so happy to hold his little sister.   Payton is smiling and interacting with us.  She is so sweet.
Pictures of siblings are very special and it takes a lot of patience to get them.
Payton was born in September and is part of a project to photograph babies from birth to their first birthday and watch them grow up.
Payton's mum is so natural, I love to watch her with her baby.
Jamie was nice enough to allow me to come into her life at a crazy time when she had just had a baby.   Payton was born in the beginning of September.  I did try to catch Jamie before Payton was born but that did not work. 

My plan is to photograph Payton with her family every three months until her first birthday to watch her grow up.  Jamie will eventually put the pictures together to make a collage or a picture frame that includes a picture from each age.
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Noah school sports

Noah’s Ark Montessori School Sports

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