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12 Gift Ideas using Pictures

Gift idea #1

Printed pictures

While tidying the other day I came across some prints and some albums.  No matter how many digital images I have, and there are so many, all very special to me, I still enjoy looking through an album or a set of prints.

Pictures for some people are the perfect gift but with the digital age and everyone being so busy, many of us do not have the time to order prints any more. 

 In the age of negatives, every picture was printed.  Now that we have digital; we tend not to print pictures any more.  We flip through images so fast when they are on the computer, ipad or phone but physical prints or an album tends to slow us down so that we can really enjoy the memories.

Here are some ideas for people who like their pictures.

Make an album from you collection either digital or print

For close friends, you can make up an album of the pictures you have of them and the people and things that are special to them. .Give these as gifts in the form of a DVD or a photo album.

Get their pictures printed

Ask them if you can use some of their pictures, hopefully you will not have to explain what for.  Get a collection of their favourites and either use a few of them and frame them or make an album of the ones that you think are their favourites.

See what frames they have lying around the house

Many people have been given picture frames as gifts which end up put away somewhere, empty, with good intentions attached to put them up some day.  You can either find out what pictures they would like displayed and either do it for them or give them pictures to fit those frames.

Do they have special things that they would like to remember forever?

Some people have special things in their life that they would like to remember forever.  Not only family but for some people it may be a car, a trophy, a flower that they grew and nurtured, best friends, a pet or even the house that they live in now.  Pictures of these things can make the perfect gift for someone.

Gift idea #2


Basic calendar

There are so many different types of calendars out there that can be personalized with pictures.  Your gift calendar can be very basic with 12 pictures, one for each month.


Making a calendar now is so easy.  There are so many places on line that are set up to put them together.   Choose 12 pictures that you know that your friend or family member would like and taken them to a lab nearby by or even better, you can often make your calendars online and have them posted to you.


Calendar with few details

Your calendar can be very basic with just 12 pictures or you can go on line and find the official public holidays for wherever your calendar will be going and include those dates in your calendar.  When I went on, these were the dates that I found for Barbados.


Barbados Official Public Holidays

Errol Barrow Day              30-11-2013

Good Friday                       29-03-2013

Easter Sunday                    31-03-2013

Easter Monday                  01-04-2013

National Heroes Day        28-04-2013

Labour Day                         01-05-2013

Whit Monday                     20-05-2013

Emancipation Day             01-08-2013

Kadooment Day                05-08-2013

Independence Day           30-11-2013

Christmas Day                   25-12-2013

Boxing Day                         26-12-2013

New Years Day                  01-01-2014


Make your calendar more detailed

 With a little more research you can get the important dates for the person receiving the gift, including anniversaries and birthdays, even birthdays of pets and add them to your calendar along with a small picture in that date slot.  Of course in some families people decided to share birthdays (and they aren’t even twins) and that makes the pictures in the small squares more difficult.

With a little imagination, you can create the perfect calendar as your Christmas gift.


Gift idea #3

Christmas Poster or collage

In 1999 we had a really great summer with many friends and lots of stuff to do.  When the summer was over we printed about 80 pictures, cut them out with fancy scissors and stuck them onto a 40 inch x 40 inch bristle board, which we laminated and framed.  The collage is still there; we often look at it and remember the crazy things we did that summer.

Today, if you prefer not to make your collage the old fashion way, it can be made on the computer and printed as a poster.

Our collage was about a special summer but yours can be:

·         A collection of family.

·         A special holiday, summer at a beach house or crazy year together.

·         All the family has come home for a holiday.

·         Pictures of one person over the years.

·         All the pets that you have had or just the pets they have now.

·         The last 4 or 5 generations of family.

·         Baby’s first year.

·         The grandchildren or great grandchildren.

·         For someone who loves their garden, it could be of their beautiful flowers.

·         If you have children overseas, you can make a smaller one of pictures from home.

·         A few big pictures put together of just each family member.


Laminating and framing a beautiful collage is quite easy because many places are set up to do that for you.


Gift idea #4


Coffee table book

Again, with digital images, it is easy to make your own coffee table book.  Any of the suggestions from gift idea 3 can work with one other suggestion. 


Sexy pictures book (I am not going to call this a coffee table book)

For the man or woman in your life you can make a book of sexy pictures of yourself.  These pictures can be sexy and classy for his or her eyes only.  Visit for more information.

Book of Local photos

For people overseas or visitors to your country or island your book can be of pictures that you have taken of your beautiful country.  Most places have a beauty of their own and with just over 2 months left, you have plenty of time to go out there taking pictures.

Remember if you decide to do a coffee table book, it takes 2 weeks or more to get it printed in some places and even more time if you send it overseas.  Do it early.

Once again there are many photo places that can make the book for you as long as you supply them with the pictures.  You may want to do a little research first so that you can supply pictures in the correct size for the lab to use.

Gift idea #5

Take some local Christmas pictures. 

Take some local Christmas pictures with the whole family dressed up in Christmas clothes, with the hats and wearing red and white, perhaps some red and green decorations and possibly on the beach or a park close by.

Mrs. Santa in a bikini and Mr. Santa in a bathing suit.  (This will not be good for all of us but some could pull it off) .

How about dressed up with the Christmas colours on an ATV.

Have fun with the local Christmas theme with Mr. and Mrs. Santa on a Jet Ski or tube behind a boat.  Of course I am thinking like the Caribbean  island gal that I am.  If you are in a winter location you may want to put Santa with Mrs. Santa on a snow mobile or skiing down the slopes.

Have a fun day with the family, dress up in Christmas Colours and take some crazy Christmas pictures.  Make it an annual event that the whole family will remember (in a good way).

These pictures can be given as gifts or just shared among the family or friends.

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Gift idea #6

One of your pictures could make a great gift

When we get a camera, most of us go out taking pictures and some of them are very good.  There are many that we are proud of and would make great pictures on the wall.  The sunsets recently have been absolutely beautiful and I know that they have been captured by a lot of people.

Find ways of displaying those pictures.  You can put them in a frame or make a canvas print out of them.

I know that parents and friends would be proud to get a beautiful picture for their wall that was taken by a special relative or friend.

Gift idea #7

Photo books are great for everyone

Plan a special event, take lots of pictures and use them to make books of the fun that you all had together.

Children love books about themselves and the photo books are so easy to make now.

A picture book with the title Sammy’s 4th birthday or Sammy’s karate kick or about his horse riding or her ballet is a great gift for kids.


A friend of mine was given a book about his birthday with all of his friends and he carried it everywhere until eventually it fell apart.


Here are some suggestions for titles that other family members might like.


·         Our family 2012

·         All the grandchildren 2012

·         Sammy’s first five years

·         Granddad’s 80th birthday

·         Everyone came home for summer


You have the idea, find something that is important to your family member and make a book out of the pictures that you already have.


If you want to use family photos and you want to arrange to have them taken by a professional, you can find the details at  or find any professional photographer who you feel comfortable with.


It is so easy now to use an on line provider.  You can upload your pictures and make the book on line then you either collect if they are nearby or have them ship it to you.

I am sure that there is a photo lab nearby.




Gift idea #8

Arrange to have family pictures taken


Arrange to have family pictures taken.  This can be done at your own home or at your favourite location.  Perhaps somewhere that is special to your family or friends.


You can make it a dress up day or just look nice. has more tips on dressing for a photo session.

Many people get formal pictures taken but having a fun picture with everyone making crazy faces is different and fun.


Gift idea #9

Picture mugs, aprons or mouse pads

It is still early enough to check out a photo lab near you to look for mugs, mouse pads, puzzles, key rings and many other things.  Some have aprons, hats or T-shirts that can have any of your pictures printed on them.



Gift idea #10

Digital picture frame

The digital photo frames are nice.  You can give you special person the digital picture frame along with a set of your digital images that you know they would like to have.

They come in many different sizes and are great for the office, a desk at home or on the wall.

Gift idea #11

Gift certificate for professional photos

You can give a Gift certificate for a photo session for your family or even a pet.  To get more info on this, visit  or contact your favourite photographer.

Gift idea #12

2 similar pictures

One birthday my mom gave me two framed photos, one was a picture of my daughter holding a pet and the other one was of me at the same age holding a similar pet.

There are so many versions of the same theme and here are some that I can think of.

·         Dad and his son each with their first car or bicycle.

·         Mum and daughter or dad and son each on their wedding day.

·         Two pictures of them on the first day of school.

·         Two pictures of them on graduation day.

·         Even two pictures each in separate frames or put together into one picture of the two of them at the same age.

·         Find an old picture of the older person when they were about the same age as the younger one is now and get the younger person to do the same thing that that older person was doing in the picture.

·         Two pictures of them both doing something similar, playing in the mud, playing with cars or, helping in the yard.  Look through your old pictures and see if you can find one that looks like something they both would do.

·         Two pictures of them on Christmas day at similar ages opening presents.

·         Two pictures of them each doing the same sport at around the same age.

·         You know your family and I am sure that you can think of something that they both did at the same age.

Have fun with your pictures and use them as a way to stay close as a family or group of friends. After all, why take pictures if you are not going to share and savor the memories?

Have a great holiday season and take lots of pictures.

Joanne Spencer

On a final note:

I went looking on the internet for ideas and here are some that I found that I thought were nice and could make good gift ideas.

This is a youtube video to make Christmas decorations with pictures using clear printer pager and a glass ball.

The first part of this is Martha Stewart making a photo Garland.  If you continue to watch you will see how to make a personal photo gallery.