Weddings in Barbados
Wedding in Barbados

Weddings in Barbados

Barbados is a beautiful place to get married.  You can choose to have a wedding that is as simple as the two of you on the beach or in a beautiful garden with a minister or priest with everything planned the next working day after you get here to a full wedding package planned by a hotel or wedding planner.

For a small wedding, you will need to have two witnesses, as the photographer, I have played that role along with the taxi driver who took the guests to the beach.

Special Events
Special event, pantomime

Special events

What events are special to you?  Is it a wedding, christening, family getting together, a horse show, pantomime, sports day?  There are so many times that are very special to us and deserve to be remembered.

Having a photographer at those events will allow you to relax and enjoy your event without having to worry about missing the picture.

It doesn’t matter how small the event is or how big.  Your event deserves to be preserved with pictures.


hire a photographer

Hire a photographer

When you are hosting an event and trying to be the photographer, one suffers, either the photos or how the event turns out.  When you concentrate on taking pictures, you step back out of the situation and look on from the outside to get the shot and research has shown that you do not enjoy the event as much, you also partake in the event through the photos and miss out on the full participation of the event.  I have photographed many events from birthday parties to horse shows and the host or hostess can relax, have fun and be fully engaged in the party.

Here are the advantages of hiring a photographer.

·         You get to engage fully in the event

·         You are sure that your photos will be in focus and professional

·         You get to be in the photos

·         You don’t have to think about photos or what you are going to miss

·         The photographer comes to you

·         You can take advantage of the situation and get your family photos (with you in them)

Hire a photographer, relax, enjoy your event and get great photos that you can treasure and share.

Family Photos in Barbados
Four generation photograph

.   Family Photos in Barbados

Professional photos can tell the story of your family throughout the years.  Family photos are great when a new baby arrives, as the baby grown into a little boy or girl and as they grow to eventually bring grandchildren home.

Another great time for family pictures is when your whole family gets together, on vacation in Barbados or around the holidays when everyone is gathered in one place.

Include extended family in your pictures, uncles, aunts and take special advantage of times when you can get three or four generations together.   Opportunities you should not miss.

You at your best
You at your best
You at your best, dancer

You at your best

So many people have talents that can be captured wonderfully by pictures but it takes a special eye to get it just right.    You may be a dancer, a karate expert, horse rider, body builder or have other talents that can be captured.   Like children, your talents grow and get better and better.  One of the benefits of pictures is that you can watch yourself develop.  As a dancer, body builder or show jumper, having pictures of yourself getting better and better is very encouraging and can help you to improve beyond your wildest dreams.

Blog - Enjoy the events and the people
Joanne Family Photographer blog

People are wonderful to photograph.  This blog is a collection of some of the people, families and events that I have photographed.   I hope that you enjoy them as much as I did.  I do apologize, I am a little slow putting them up.

Photos with Photo tips
Photo tips
Photo tips to help you with your own photos
I would love to have the opportunity to take your family photos but most of the time it will be up to you and I want you to get the best possible photos.

Here are some photo tips that I use and I hope that some of them will help you to get better photos to share with everyone.
Maternity and new born
new born
Dad and his new born baby

Maternity and new born

I have looked at my personal maternity pictures so many times and I still can’t believe that I was ever so big.  Getting maternity pictures is an opportunity that only comes once, twice or maybe three times in your life.  When you eventually see that new born for the first time, it is like looking at a little miracle.  Your baby changes from day to day.  This is a very special time to get new born pictures and follow up with pictures every two to three months to eventually get that baby book that you can look back at and watch you new born baby grow up.

Children's pictures
Santa at school play

Children’s pictures

Children change so much from birth to their first year, they seem to change every day and they continue to change as they grow from little girls and boys to toddlers and on to become teenagers and then adults with their own children.

Pictures with you with your grandchildren with their children give you the opportunity to get all three generations in one picture or even that four generation picture.  A child’s granny or great granny is a very special person in their life.

There are so many special moments in children’s lives, Christening, special haircut, lost tooth, first day at school, new uniform, new bike.  Each of these should be captured.

Learn Photography
How to Ace Photography
How to Ace photography link
How to Ace Photography is a website dedicated to teaching photography.
It has photo tips and blog posts designed to help you to get great photos.
Barbados Photos
Barbados Photos
Learn about Barbados through photos
The story of Barbados with Photos.  This is a working process.  Learn about Barbados through a photographers eye.  Learn about the different events and the different places to take photos.