Such a sweet family

This is such a sweet family.  I was taking pictures of dad and baby and mum joined in.

This picture was taken in their veranda with the natural light and an off camera flash in front of a black background.


Big strong hands holding a little baby

It is so nice to see big strong hands holding a little baby.  Let’s work towards a world where every baby/child has a daddy and a in his/her life.

This picture was taken with a black background using natural light to light the back and a flash from the left toward the front.

Valantino smiling with his granny
Valantino was playing with his granny.  He has such a sweet smile.  I must have taken 20 pictures and each expression was different.

You have a digital camera, take lots of pictures and try different angles.  Some will be great and you may want to delete some. 

Two eager hands waiting to hold their baby

This picture was also taken in the garden but we could not find a white background and we did not want all of the pictures to look the same.  I have my 5 in 1 reflector with me and I was able to use it as a background but the bright white colour threw off the cameras light meter and I had to put the camera into manual mode and meter on just the hands and then step back, using the correct settings to get this picture.

The next time your camera is giving you a crazy reading, check to see if any area of the picture is very dark or very bright and zoom in on the most important part of the picture to get the correct reading, set your camera to manual and use that setting.

And then there were three

I want to thank Anna Lee and Pope for letting me be part of this special occasion.  Ann Lee’s baby is due next month. 

To get this picture and most of the pictures that I take the, most important thing is the planning before the actual photo session.

We both looked at a whole lot of pictures to decide which ones we were going to do.

We needed to get all of the things ready and make sure that we had everything with us.

For this picture Anna Lee made the note and had to remember to bring ribbon and scissors.

I had to set up the camera so that the f-stop was wide open, towards the f-4.5 side of the scale, this would make the picture have a very small depth of field (Only a narrow area would be in focus and not the whole picture).  This made the shutter speed very slow so I had to be sure that I had a tripod to make sure that the camera was steady.

The focus point on the camera also had to be set so that the note was in focus and not the couple.

When we put all of those things together, we got a picture with the note in focus and Anna Lee and Pope blurry in the background.

Try focusing your camera on something really close or far away and see what different pictures you can get when only part of the picture is in focus. This works better when you zoom in instead of using the wide angle.

A list of equipment that I brought to this photo shoot

I keep a list of things that I have to remember to take with me when I go on a photo shoot.  Each photo shoot is a little different and here is a list of the equipment that I took with me to get these pictures.  Some people can remember everything that they need but I need a list.

Camera with lenses – camera batteries – card for camera – extra batteries – extra card – lens cleaning cloths

2 flashes – batteries for flashes – diffuser for flash

Tripods  for flashes

Tripod for camera

Towels to sit on

5 in one reflector


Plastic bag in case of rain (to put the camera in)


Phone number of person that I am meeting

Sample pictures or list of ideas

Anna lee brought the little shoes


If we did not plan the pictures in advance we would not have had all of the things that we needed for the photos.

Pope's tummy just can't match Anna Lee's

To get this picture, we got permission to visit Andromida Gardens at 6.30 a.m., which meant waking up very early.  At that time of day the light is very pretty, we don’t get ugly shadows and it is cool.

Because Pope’s face is darker than Anna Lee’s, we placed him with the brighter light on him.

We found a location where the shadows were even and there were no bright spots coming through the trees.

I did use an off camera flash because I wanted them to be a little brighter than the trees in the background.

I suspect Pope will need a lot more beers to get a tummy like hers.

Try taking pictures early in the morning or just before sunset and see just how pretty the light is.

Valantino with his dad

This is valantino and Jules again.

The hardest part of this  picture was the planning.  We had to start with little Valantino’s schedule because we wanted him awake and happy and at 3 months, that is not always easy to catch.

Then we had to find a nice shady area that was not too far away.  In about 15 minutes Valantino was  tired and it was over.  I suspect that Jules (dad) was happy because 15 minutes was probably his time limit too.

If you are working with babies, the secret is patience.

Jaimie and Payton

This is Jaimie and Payton.  When you watch Jaimie just being a young mum it is sooooo sweet.  She looks so natural and precious with her baby.

This picture was taken in front of a black backdrop with window light and there was light coming from the door lighting the back of her head as well.

It’s a matter of finding the right spot.

Dad and his little girl

This is Jason and his little sweetie Kailee.   I love to see daddies and their little girls.

This was taken is their gallery.  I carried a black back drop and had a flash in front of them and behind.

Nikon technology is amazing and light is the most important part of any picture.  In a lot of pictures your camera will create the perfect picture but sometimes its fun to play around with it.

The next time you are playing around with your camera, see what effects you can get when you  play with the light from different directions.

Pepper running as fast as she can

This is my little pepper.  I love to watch her run and I was trying to get a photograph of her running as fast as she could.  The sun was starting to go down and it was getting too late to take moving pictures.

Here are 5 things that I did to make it possible to get the picture.

1                      I changed the ISO on my camera to ISO 800.  That makes the camera sensor more sensitive and not need as much light but the pictures can be more grainy and not as good quality.  I could have gone higher to ISO 3200 but I wanted to try and keep the quality.

2                      I used the fastest shutter speed that I could get, which at that time of day way only 1/320 of a second. 

3                      I took the picture of her running towards me.  Running towards me does not show as much movement in the camera as running across the frame.  If I took the picture of her running across the frame I would have wanted a shutter speed of about 1/800 sec to 1/1000 sec.

4                      I used a long zoom so I sat on the ground to use my knee to steady the camera.

If you are photographing children, sports or moving pets, set your camera to sports mode if you have a small camera or use the fastest shutter speed that you can if you have a digital SLR.

Remember to change the Aperture and also know that the wider aperture will cause you to lose the depth of field (make less of your picture in focus).

At the top of Chalky Mount

My son asked me to climb Chalky Mount with him and the first time I went I took the dogs with me.  That was a bad idea, we did not make it to the top but the second time we took friends.  That was a great idea.  Being at the top of Chalky Mount with really nice people was definitely worth the effort.

This was one of the pictures from Chalky Mount and I wanted to have all of the picture in focus so I set the camera to use a small f-stop (towards the f-16 side) and I placed my friend slightly off center. 

Focusing on him worked to get the whole picture in focus.  If I focused on something in the distance or something really close, parts of the picture would have been more out of focus.

Barbados is so beautiful, my tip to you would be to find something that’s really fun or different  to do, get some friends or family together and make it a great day.  Take lots of pictures.

Can we pat the horse

I take lots of pictures and people often find it a little uncomfortable in front of the camera.  I have found that giving them something to do really helps.

Bella and Scarlet patted the horse for a while and we got lots of pictures.

Bella got her braces off

This is Bella, she just got her braces off and has such a great smile.  We chose about an hour before the sun went down as the time to take the  picture but it was an overcast day so the light was nice and even.  We took the picture with the background far away so that it would be out of focus and played with posed around the tree.

Bella  is so beautiful posing with the horse

Bella took me out by the horses and we found this beautiful horse to pose with.  The sun was starting to go down so I had to use a very slow shutter speed and I had to use the tripod to keep the camera steady.

We posed so that the light was coming from in front and slightly from my left and I asked her to stand where the horse would not cast a shadow on her face.

Whenever you take a picture, look to see where the light is coming from and if you can organize your picture so that the light in coming from the front and slightly to the side that would make a better picture.

Ingrid came to visit us from Venezuela and showed us how to really enjoy the sea here.

She swam with the turtles and went into the sea every day.  That sea is absolutely beautiful it will make all of us want to go in more often.
Little feet
Look at these little feet, they are adorable.  These feet belong to Payton, Jaimie and Russell's baby.

You will be seeing much more of her in the next few emails and I am looking forward to photographing her as she gets bigger.
What do you do when you get flowers.  I photograph them. 

Flowers don't last very long and they are so beautiful.  I feel that if I photograph them, I can look back at them for a very long time.

When you spend the time photographing all the little details you can appreciate each of the flowers in a whole new way.

Now I just have to find a way to keep the smell.
Dave and Dale
Dave described them as an older couple getting married but you would not think so by watching them on the beach.

They had fun with the waves and in the beautiful garden at the Tamarind Hotel.
Dave and Dale
Dave and Dale came to Barbados to get married at the Tamarind Hotel.  Its a beautiful location on the West Coast and the people there were extra nice.

Dave and Dale did not bring any family with them, they wanted a quiet, romantic sunset wedding and that is just what they got.
Meet Hailee, she is about 2 weeks old.  Her dad got this tatoo just after she was born. 

I love her dad's huge big hands next to her tiny body and I am looking forward to photographing her as she grows up.

Kadooment 2012 - Blue Box Cart

Kadooment, the street party of the year.  With the blue drink that is served at the drinks truck and the Banks beer that is served from one of the other trucks.

The party starts at Warrens and continues all the way to the end of Spring Garden with few shoes surviving the trip.

For most people rain is welcome and whether it rains or not the artificial showers cool everyone down.

Most of the costumes are modified, some with a few extra beads and some people are painted or covered from head to toe.  Whatever works for you goes.

Kadooment is one of my favourite events to photograph and as a photographer, I  probably will be back again next year. 

As a family photographer I look out for opportunities to catch mother and daughter dancing together.

Kiddies Kadooment 2012

Every year I photograph the children’s band “Kids on the Move” put together by Yasmin Vlahakis.  Every year the costumes are absolutely amazing.

This year it was “Secrets of the Sea” with sailors, pirates, Portuguese man o’ wars, mermaids,  coral, sargeant major fish and even a turtle.

As a photographer it is easy to get beautiful pictures as the children dance across the stage and continue to dance in the street.

As a family photographer I love to see the kids all come out and have fun as a family together.