Wedding at Silver Point Hotel

Samantha arranges the weddings at Silver point hotel. 

This couple had a table for their cake and champagne.  After the cake cutting we took pictures on the beach.

The beach at Silver point is perfect for weddings, especially if you are a wind surfing fan and you can often get a nice sunset.

The sunsets don’t last very long but they can be beautiful.  The beach at Silver point is fairly private and there are not many people on the beach around sunset so it is a very romantic place to hang around just after you are married.

The wind and sea there is perfect for wind surfing and kite surfing and Brian Talma has a windsurfing school right next door where you can rent the stuff that you need or get lessons.

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Wedding at Almond Beach

They got married at Almond Beach.  The beach there is beautiful, just like the rest of the West coast. 

Sonja from Destination Management Services Inc arranged everything for them and they had a beautiful wedding at the beach.

Sonja took the priest to met them there and then we took pictures on the beach.  There are such beautiful pieces of drift wood near that hotel and we got to stay there until sunset.

Back to Miami Beach

Laurie and Veronica were so much fun to work with.  They played with the sunset, ran with the waves, brought flags to represent their different countries and then went into the sea.

There was a lovely sunset that day and we took all of the pictures that we could with it.

I love Miami beach for weddings, it has such a great cliff overlooking the sea and the perfect beach for weddings.   Most of the time the sunsets there are  nice too.

Married in Barbados

Eric and Hannah called me because they were coming to Barbados and wanted to get married while they were here but they did not want all the fuss that went along with a big wedding. 

It was just the two of them and their son.

I was able to help them to get all of the paperwork done and we arranged to meet with the Magistrate on the beach.

They needed two witnesses so I was one and the taxi driver was the other and we shared a bottle of champagne on the beach after the ceremony.

Married by Magistrate
John and Rebecca came to Barbados and met with the Magistrate and got married right there on the beach by the Magistrates office.  They exchanged bracelets and after we took pictures of Miami Beach (sometimes called Enterprise Beach).
Miami beach is a beautiful location because it has a cliff that overlooks the beach and waves and a beautiful beach that many people come to Barbados to spend time at.
Joanne and Jack

Jack and Joanne came all the way to Barbados to get married and arrived just in time for a storm.  They got married on Friday with the wind howling and the trees bending over in the wind.   I went back on Sunday morning to take the beach pictures just before they went back home.   Fortunately we had a beautiful day.  Our storms don’t last very long and in no time at all the sun comes back out and the days are beautiful again.

Amy and Kent - 10 year marriage renewal vows
Amy and Kent passed through Barbados on a cruise ship and renewed their wedding vows on Crane beach.  This was not their first time to Barbados and they loved that beautiful beach.  I arranged to meet Father Murrel on the beach and photographed them renewing their vows.
Louis and Kristi's Wedding
Krsiti and Louis got married at St. Patricks Church and had a beautiful reception at Chin Chin.  The whole wedding was perfect and everyone had a great time.
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Jamie and Adam's wedding
Adam and Jamie got married at St. Georges Church and their reception was at Mahogany Ridge.  Even a little rain could not ruin their night.
Stefan and Lise-lotte married in Barbados at Silver point Hotel

Stefan and Lise-Lotte got married in Barbados at the Silver Point Hotel.
Beach weddings are so much fun, they are much more informal and I love to photograph them because I can spend the time with the bride and groom and not have a whole lot of other people to concentrate on.

Will and April got married here in Barbados at the Accra Hotel.

The Accra is a beautiful Hotel on Accra beach on the South Coast of Barbados.  Will and April had a sunset wedding by the pool and then played in the sea.  The sea is warm and the temperature is perfect all year round for a sunset wedding.